Harley Magden

Founder & President, Magden Motors

Harley Magden is a visionary entrepreneur and the driving force behind Magden Motors, a premier destination for aficionados of high-performance exotic vehicles. Born with an innate passion for automobiles, Harley’s journey in the automotive industry began at an early age, fueled by a fascination with the engineering marvels that define exotic cars.

With an unyielding commitment to excellence and an astute understanding of the discerning tastes of automotive connoisseurs, Harley helped establish Magden Motors as a testament to the teams dedication to curating a world-class collection of rare and exclusive vehicles. His keen eye for detail and unwavering dedication to quality have set the standard for the exotic car market.

Harley Magden’s expertise extends beyond sales; he cultivates an immersive experience for his clientele, ensuring each customer receives personalized attention and guidance in selecting the perfect automotive masterpiece to complement their lifestyle. His deep knowledge of the industry, combined with a genuine passion for providing unparalleled customer service, has solidified Magden Motors as a trusted authority in the realm of exotic car sales.

Driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence, Harley Magden continues to redefine the boundaries of luxury automotive sales, earning both admiration and loyalty from clients worldwide who seek nothing but the best in the world of exotic cars.

Brooks Weisblat

Brooks Weisblat reaches over 3 million people a month via the DragTimes brand where he reviews, tests and races everything from electric cars to hyper cars at various tracks and venues throughout the world. Starting from humble beginnings racing Mazda RX-7s while creating the website to collect data for racers to compare their drag racing times against others, he moved into the social media space with video content on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, X and TikTok while setting numerous records racing stock and modified cars down the Ā¼ mile.

Aaron Magden

Aaron Magden, Co-Founder of Magden Motors. A passionate car enthusiast whose love for automobiles knows no bounds. From a young age, Aaron was captivated by the roar of engines and the sleek designs that graced the streets. Growing up surrounded by car magazines and miniature models, it was only natural for this fascination to evolve into a lifelong passion.

Known for being the go-to person among friends for automotive advice, Aaron is not just a spectator but an active participant in the car community. Whether it’s attending car shows, joining local car clubs, or engaging in spirited discussions about the latest automotive trends, Aaron thrives on the camaraderie and shared enthusiasm that comes with being a part of the car culture.

Beyond the surface-level love for speed and aesthetics, Aaron is also well-versed in the technical aspects of cars, often spending hours tinkering with engines and fine-tuning performance. This hands-on approach has not only deepened the connection with the automotive world but has also earned Aaron respect among fellow enthusiasts.

In a world where cars are more than just a means of transportation, Aaron stands out as a true car connoisseur. Whether behind the wheel or under the hood, this enthusiast continues to revitalize the spirit of the open road and celebrate the artistry that lies within every automobile.

Casey Parkin

Casey Parkin brings over two decades of automotive industry experience to Magden Motors. As a Porsche Global Brand Ambassador, Casey has traveled the world to provide clients with concierge level experiences in both contemporary and classic Porsche acquisitions. Casey is a two-time Porsche restoration Challenge winner, a testament to his passion for curation and attention to detail.

Jack Welsh

Jack Welsh is a devoted student of automotive history and a keen observer of the collector car economy. His love for automotive culture comes second only to his passion for business startup culture. Magden Motors represents the perfect fusion of these two interests.

Jack finds joy in the nuances that set apart the experience of owning, driving, maintaining, and preserving cars from various brands and generations. He believes in educating clients and colleagues through shared experiences.

Oliver Lippman

Oliver Lippman “About Me”
Oliver Lippman comes from a family of automotive enthusiasts and has demonstrated the same passion since his early youth. His car geek mindset paired with an affinity for sharing knowledge allows him to build the trust needed to serve an unparalleled customer experience every time he helps a car find its new home. Ask him about his favorite racetracks, background in music, or where he likes to eat.